Man Crush Monday: Darren Criss

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I feel like there needs to be somebody who sits in the Glee writers room and every time one of the writers suggests another break up or love triangle they just


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Newt + Tattoos

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@msleamichele Having so much fun at #Glee today with the boys! #GleeSeason6 
@msleamichele Having so much fun at #Glee today with the boys! #GleeSeason6 
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things life is too short for:
- hating yourself
- pretending to laugh at “jokes” that are actually just bigoted statements
- not singing along to your favorite songs
- waiting hours to text someone back just to look cool
- bad coffee
- bad books
- mean people
- body shaming
- letting other people dictate your life

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i am so pro-selfie

you take those selfies.

you take those selfies and look cute as heck

you take those selfies and build your self confidence

because you are cute as heck and you deserve to be confident in yourself because youre an awesome person

if anyone says any differently they are a rotten cabbage who doesnt know anything

now go take more selfies so i can reblog them and talk about how gosh darn cute you are

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Anonymous said:

Define hipsters.



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A dress designed to change color in the rain, thanks to dye sewn into 
the seams. Created by Sean Kelly, Modeled by Angelica Guillen-Jimenez
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Never settle, Ladies. Know your worth.

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when there’s a group of your friends hanging out and youre like trying to join the conversation but dont know howimage

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my last word will probably be either “whoops” or “shit”

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Yooooo going to see “It’s Only a Play” this afternoon

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